Vol.8 No.3 2023
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East Asian Pragmatics

Issue 8.3 (2023)

Special Issue: Terms of Address in Chinese

Guest editors: Dániel Z. Kádár and Fengguang Liu


Table of Contents



Terms of address in Chinese

An introduction

Dániel Z. Kádár, Fengguang Liu                      301-308



Address terms by Singapore Chinese in a multilingual context

Cher Leng Lee                                    309-332


Displaying emotion via dynamic use of address terms in Chinese family conflict talk

Jun Gao, Lirong Ma                                333-355


Chinese terms of address in apology and request

A contrastive view

Puyu Ning                                        257-382


A new trend in Chinese address and its theoretical implications

An argument from observations of bifocal strategies in recent chat commerce

Tingting Xiao, Masato Takiura                       383-413


Book Reviews

'Toward a Motivation Model of Pragmatics' Rong Chen

Xiaomei Zheng, Dengshan Xia                      415-420


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