Vol.8 No.2 2023
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East Asian Pragmatics

Issue 8.2 (2023)


Table of Contents



Gendering desire

The use of Korean 'ya' “hey” in popular media to construct masculine and feminine styles

Judit Kroo                                       167-192


The rhetorical use of 'Ni yiwei' +X? in Chinese interpersonal interaction

A metapragmatic account

Hao Liu                                            193-215


Another’s voice

A Korean evidential marker “-tay”

Hyunsu Kim, Duck-Young Lee                         217-243


When two cultures meet

On request behaviour in Chinese and English

Chun-yin Doris Chen, Li-ying Xiaoniu Chen, Yuanshan Chen       


Thanks for trusting me, parent

Chinese pediatricians’ epistemic behaviour for trustworthiness in online medical consultations

Xueyu Wang, Rujie Cao                              271-289


Book Reviews

'Pragmatics: The Basics' Billy Clark

Zhiyin Yu                                         291-296


'Second Language Pragmatics' Wei Ren

LinaS Ma                                        297-299


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