Vol.7 No.2 2022
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East Asian Pragmatics

Issue 7.2 (2022)


Table of Contents



A study of relational ritual, affectivity, and identity (de)construction in Chinese X-change programmes

Chengtuan Li                                      149-174


The pragmatic understanding of subject expression in spoken Korean

Interpersonal effects of the alternation among reference forms for the expressed subject

Narah Lee                                       175–205


Performative intersubjectivity

Claiming epistemic primacy with wo gaosu ni ‘I tell you’ in Mandarin conversation

Haiping Wu                                      207–236


Pragmatic awareness of conversational implicatures by L2 undergraduate students in Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Abdullah Alharbi                        237–266


Self-praise by Chinese and American celebrities on TV talk shows

Fan Li, Yicheng Wu                                267–290


Book Reviews

Politeness in Professional Contexts Edited by Dawn Archer, Karen Grainger, and Piotr Jagodzinski (2020)

Yeming Yang                                     291–296


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